OMG! I can’t believe I haven’t done a thing with this blog in a year! Bad blogger! Bad blogger! What can I say other than I’ve been busy. Actually, I find it hard to stick to a schedule and take time to post what’s going on. I will try to do better in the future.


I always wanted my blog to look a little like RV Sue’s. Well, guess what folks – it won’t. Not now. Not ever. She has a way with words and pictures. I just don’t. I kept putting off posting an entry because I lack photos and didn’t know what to say that would be interesting. Not only did I not have great photos – I didn’t have photos in general. Somehow I thought no photos, no blog. But that just isn’t so. So if you still want to continue to follow my blog here is the big warning. Don’t expect many pictures. If I keep waiting for pictures, you’ll never hear from me again. Hahaha. So here is what has happened in the past 12 months in 1200 words or less! With a few pictures sprinkled in. Just don’t expect them in all my posts!


May 2014 – arrived back in Ohio after attending the Escapees International Rally in Goshen, Indiana. One of my favorite places to visit is right down the road in Shipshewana – Lolly’s Fabrics. I’m a quilter so the first place I head for wherever we go besides a restaurant is a fabric shop. Stocked up on some great fabrics including a cute panel for Christmas placemats. Rolled into Heritage Hills RV Park at the end of the month. Some nice changes at the park. My favorite was the pool.

Christmas Placemat

Christmas Placemat

June 2014 – Spent time with family and friends and hit the pool whenever I could which wasn’t as often as I would have liked thanks to the cold Ohio weather. Lots of campfires, and cookouts. Our days were busy visiting my mother-in-law who is in rehab after fracturing her pelvis they day we arrived home. It pretty much takes up most of our time.

July 2014 – Mostly a repeat of June expect for the great fireworks that Jim Ondak does at the campground. The guy does a super job! Better than some cities put on. It’s the best part of staying at Heritage Hills RV Park. I painted my bobbing birds and put them in the park store for sale. Sales have been good so far. Still making daily runs to the nursing home for mom.


August 2014 – Haven’t taken off my sweatshirt yet as it feels chilly to this winter Floridian. I swear the leaves were already starting to turn. Already making plans to pull out, but it all depends on how mom is doing with her rehab.

September 2014 – Ho hum month. Watched the grandsons play football and finally got mom settled back into her condo. She still isn’t cleared to drive, but she’s doing great with her walking and daily activities. I’m ready to pull out, but hubby is still set on staying. He is worried about his mom, so we plan to stay until she can drive. This kills our plans to be in Key West in October. I’m bummed, and suggest we just do November, but hubby isn’t as enamored with the place as I am. I’d live there year round!

October 2014 – It’s positively freezing here so I’m miserable. Cold makes my knees ache so bad I could cry. Mom gets cleared to drive. I have our route planned out so we pull out and head south. We decide to take it slow. We spend four days at Kandals RV Park in Holmes county Ohio which is Amish country. Definitely a tourist trap. The quilt shops were disappointing. I was hoping for high quality fabric like Lolly’s, but it was all cheap imports. At least the food was terrific. Headed south then to Singing Hills RV Park in Cave City, Kentucky where we spent a few days and toured Mammoth Caves. Only took the short tour as my knees can’t do the long walks anymore. The cave crickets were creepy! Ick. Next stop Barton Springs Campground in Normandy, Tennessee. Our site was right on the lake and absolutely beautiful. Of course we had to visit Jack Daniels since hubby is a Tennessee Squire. Great tour and we fell in love with Tennessee Fire (Jack Daniels with Cinnamon! Yum!).

Mammoth Cave Tour

Mammoth Cave Tour

Squire Room at Jack Daniels Distillary

Squire Room at Jack Daniels Distillary

Another quick layover in Adairsville, Georgia at Harvest Moon RV Park. We did find a great place for dinner there, the Adairsville Inn. Food was great and true southern! Plus the price was very affordable with the bill being just $21 for both of us. Second quick night in Georgia was rather scary. Stayed at Southern Gates Campground – not a place I’d recommend. A little too much like Deliverance to suit our taste.

Finally we hit Florida! We need a couple repairs so we layover at Alliance Coach in Wildwood. They are already booked pretty solid so we’re glad we had an appointment, but it still took them 3 days to get it done. Again we found a great little restaurant called Southern Cotillion Café in Wildwood. Wow, another great dinner! A nice surprise at Alliance was running into some friends, the Millers and the Metcalfs. It’s always good to be able to spend time with other Full-Timers. With the slides adjusted, and the awning motor replaced we head over to River Lodge. We are finally back in place in our winter home.

November 2014 – So nice to be back where it’s warm, the sun shines, back with old friends, and I can go to the pool every day! We make some new friends too. We always do. Our little circle of full-timing friends is really growing. They spend Thanksgiving with us. I made my famous Turkey in the convection oven. There are huge pine trees in the park and I make Christmas ornaments from the pine cones (which are huge also). We set up our Christmas tree and decorate the rig for the holidays. Our neighbors, Ron and Ginny Castro, do workamping. They offer some great advice about how to get started in it.


December 2014 – Weather is still really warm and I’m enjoying every minute of it. Quiet month as lots of the people here go home for the holidays. We do prime rib for Christmas dinner with some friends and enjoy the fact we are lucky enough to be able to live the lifestyle we love.

January 2015 – Winter hits Florida – well not what I call winter, but it is cooler in the evening. A couple nights it came near freezing, but the days are beautiful. We spend five days at the Tampa RV Super Show. Our first boondocking experience. We survived, but it is definitely not something we care to do unless it’s an emergency. Almost came back with a new rig, but common sense prevailed and we left with our bank account still intact. When we got back our daughter, Jennifer, came for a week.  So nice to have family down.  We basically relaxed, but did a little sight seeing.  Favorite spot was the Homassassa Wildlife Park and there manatees.


February 2015 – What can you say about this month? I know – Russell Stover Outlet! Love it there. Nothing like saving money. The chocolate is 75% off. I spent $12 and came out with a shopping bag full of wonderful chocolate.

March 2015 – Fun month spending time with friends, trying our new restaurants, and enjoying some good wine. We visited Dakotah Winery and brought back a couple bottles. The best blueberry wine I’ve ever tasted. The following week we visited Whispering Oaks Winery. Both wineries are terrific. I made corned beef and cabbage, although it was a day ahead of St. Patrick’s Day. When you are retired you don’t always know what day it is. Every day is a holiday! Love it.

April 2015 – Planning the trip north. Yuk. I’d like to stay until June, but hubby wants to get back to check on his mom. We talk to her several times a week, but after her fall last year, there is always a concern about her being OK. Decide to take same route back that we used coming down, just not going to take time to play tourist.

May 2015 – Yeah (at least I think it’s a yeah – not sure yet) we are back at Heritage Hills RV Park. Wow, what a different park from when we left! More sites, more parking, bigger playground, more bathrooms, and lots more people! Don and Cheryl (owners) sure have been busy. It’s a little hard to get used to the chaos after spending months in a quiet park full of retirees. I miss the old run down park, but this is wonderful for family camping. Everyone seems friendly and the nights are quiet. My grandsons will love it. Lots to do and plenty of kids to hang out with. It’s nice to sit by a campfire with old friends.


That’s our past year. If I succeed at being a good blogger, my posts will be more regular – pictures or not. Even if it’s just a few words at least, it’ll be something. I need to get some sort of organization back in my life. Retirement is grand, but I want to have a focus. I don’t want to fall into the trap of telling the same story over and over again, and forgetting what day St. Patrick’s is again. I want a beginning and an end to my day, week, month, and year, not just a blur. There’s so much to tell that I will forget if I don’t capture it when it is still amazing to me. With that said – here’s a toast to new start. Wish me luck!


Why O Why Ohio

Finally made it to our home park, Heritage Hills RV Park in Thompson, Ohio. And of course, it was cold (at least for us after being in Florida all winter!). And being Ohio, it was raining. That’s a given in around here. Northeast Ohio is know for rain and snow. We are subject to a phenomenon call “lake effect” which not only creates a ton of snow (that’s why we left!), but also more rain than Seattle! Thank you, Lake Erie!.

Anyway, it’s good to see the kids, grandkids, and old friends. We have plenty of full-time friends now, and make more each day, but the heart strings are still attached to where we called home for so many years. If you have read the “About Us” tab you know we moved quite a bit, even if it was mostly in Geauga county, Ohio the last few years.

In my last post, I promised that I would catch up on pictures so here is a few of my favorites.

The Best Little Sign Ever!

I need this our site.  Tired of people cutting so close to our rig they are practically under the slides!

I need this our site. Tired of people cutting so close to our rig they are practically under the slides!

Rawhide! Where’s Rowdy Yates?

Life size cowboy and cattle welcome you to Brownwood in The Villages.  Disneyland for adults with golf carts!

Life size cowboy and cattle welcome you to Brownwood in The Villages. Disneyland for adults with golf carts!

Friends helping friends.

Helping out our friends with coach repairs.  It seemed like we spent a lot of  watching RVers with Class A's making repairs.  Being handy is a way of life when you full-time.

Helping out our friends with coach repairs. It seemed like we spent a lot of time watching RVers with Class A’s making repairs. Being handy is a way of life when you full-time.

Our favorite hangout for lunch.

Our favorite burger joint in Ingles, FL, BBQ, Burgers, & More.  Fantastic burgers and hand cut fries.  Yummmm!!!

Our favorite burger joint in Ingles, FL, BBQ, Burgers, & More. Fan burgers and hand cut fries. Yummmm!!!

The Freezer, where you get great food and my fav, Angry Orchard on draft for only $2!

Best place for dinner, but not much to look at.  Prices were awesome as was the food. Tough decision every time we went.  Crab legs or shrimp. Oh heck, get both!  At their prices you can afford it.

Best place for dinner, but not much to look at. Prices were awesome as was the food. Tough decision every time we went. Crab legs or shrimp. Oh heck, get both! At their prices you can afford it.

River Lodge RV Park in Ingles. Beautiful park!

Heading into the park.

Heading into the park.

Our site at River Lodge.  Spacious and level.

Our site at River Lodge. Spacious and level.

Girl time at the River Lodge pool.

Girl time at the River Lodge pool.

There were so many great pictures I decided to share more in another post to keep this one from becoming a book. So, that’s all for now folks! (Actually its because I haven’t sorted the photos from Indiana and Ohio yet, but doesn’t that sound better than saying I’ve been lazy.)

North to Indiana

First, apologies for no pictures in this post.  The WiFi here is atrociously slow so they will have to wait until we move somewhere with better service.  Since we are in the heart of Amish country I guess it will be archaic until the Amish figure out how to circumvent the system so they can use it and still be in alignment with Amish culture and rules.   They are very good at adapting so it may be sooner rather than later (said with a chuckle).  We lived in Geauga county Ohio for over 30 years, which is Amish also.  They worked our farm so I know how adaptable they can be!  In fact, they are a little more progressive here than back home.  They have bicycles here.  That’s a definite no-no in Geauga county.   Only scooters or skates back there.  In the meantime, here’s a little bit about what we’ve been up to for the last few months.  I promise to post lots of pictures as soon as I can.

New Park, New Friends

February, and we move to our new park in Inglis, FL. River Lodge is beautiful, quiet, and friendly! Love the pool, but still too cool to swim just yet. After a couple weeks some new neighbors pull in. Sally and Roy Volk from Oklahoma. Terrific couple and we hit it off right away. They have a furbaby, Buddy, that is just so huggable and sweet, and large. Before long we gain some other new neighbors across the road from us. The Jensens are from Wisconsin and like campfires – yeah! Since we don’t have a raised fire pit and no ground fires are allowed it’s been awhile since we’ve had one. The last one was while we were at Sunshine Key when our little group would sit around in the evening at the Harchar’s site and relax. It was a BYOAB affair (bring your own adult beverages).

March Madness

Madness as far as weather that is. Isn’t Florida supposed to be hot all the time? One day its pool weather, the next you need a sweater! But, I’m loving all the sun. Have to rub it all in to our friends still in Ohio where it is still below zero and the snow won’t quit. Thankful every day we decided to head south instead of west where the weather is unusually cold and bitter. Good decision for our first adventure.

April Showers (the sunny kind!)

April brings pool weather! Yeah, I can finally refresh the tan I had when we left the Keys. I promised myself that I will never again look ghostly white! For those of you who are health conscience I did use sun screen – rated 45 spf no less and I still tanned! Enjoying my daily routine of laps and lounge chair dusting. With sunny 88 degree days and plenty of pool time, I’m feeling great. The past 3 months had flown by and even though the no-see-ums here can be a real annoyance I am sorry to have to leave and head north to the 2014 Escapade in Goshen, Indiana. For those not familiar with this event, it’s an RV rally put on by the Escapees RV Club. One of the first things we did when we went full-time was to join. We are also members of the HRRVC (chapters 400, 194, and 499), Good Sam, and Passport America. They are all very helpful when full-timing.

Hoosier Country

We originally planned to head north to Indiana around April 28th so we could take our time and see a few sights. My DH has been a Tennessee Squire for decades and since we had to cross through Tennessee this was the perfect time to stop by and visit Jack Daniels – except for the severe weather and tornados! We spent the next few days glued to the weather station as we waited for the storm front to move east or die out. Finally, on April 30th we were able to start our trip north.

One thing we really have to do is stop at Big Foot in White Pigeon, Michigan and have our legs adjusted before we hit go to Escapade. When the legs were installed, they said it would only take half a day. They actually needed two, so when they said it would only take a little while to do the adjustment, I am more than skeptical. Losing those couple days meant we would have to revise our travel plans so we decided to skip the side trip to Jack Daniels for now and do it in the fall when we head south again. Besides, the fall leaves should be lovely then anyway.

Our appointment for our legs is May 5th so now we had to hustle to cover the almost 1200 miles we had to travel. We spent the first night at a nice little park in Adairsville, GA called Harvest Moon, then on to Mammouth Caves, KY where we spent the night in a Passport America park called Singing Hills. The stars there at night are amazing! The sky was so clear and night wasn’t too cold. Call it sweater weather. Last night we were finally in Shipshewana, where we will stay until the legs are adjusted and the Escapade begins. The Escapade is held at the Elkhart 4-H County Fairgrounds. It is a nice place to camp and we are looking forward to meeting even more nice people who share our passion for full-time RVing. It starts next week, so hopefully, I will get my act together finally and post on a more regular basis so you hear all about the event. I have just been having way too much fun to sit still long enough to pull out the computer and blog.


The Importance of Highway I-4 and Other Meaningless Thoughts

Listen to old-timers advice!

When we first headed out to Florida other full-timers warned us “stay south of I-4.”  This short piece of interstate runs east/west across the middle of the state.  And yes, they were right.  It’s 61 here in Wildwood today and just south of I-4 it’s 71.  How far a distance?  Can’t give you an exact distance in miles, but it’s less than an hour away.  Did we listen?  Of course not!  What’s a few miles?  Actually, its 10 degrees!!  Shouldn’t whine though, since it really is only 10 degrees back home.

 Even the cattle at the entrance to Brownwood in The Villages seem to be headed south.

Cattle drive in Bronze at entrance to Brownwood in The Villages.

Cattle drive in Bronze at entrance to Brownwood in The Villages.

 Nothing makes you feel better than the sun!

Yes, it may be only in the 70s, but its amazing what the sun does for your mood.  We decided that as nice as the people are at Wildwood KOA, it’s just too close for our comfort.  One night – no big deal, but after a few weeks of “rally camping” I’m ready for more space.  If you aren’t familiar with that term, it’s when rigs are camped so close at a rally that you can barely open your awning without touching the rig next to you.  One blessing was that our neighbors for the month were fellow Holiday Rambler full-timers, the Brocks.  If you have to be close, at least be close to a friend.  You can see from the picture how close we are.  If you look really close you can see that there is really a spot open between them – tight squeeze, but someone will pull in there!

 Have to like your neighbors when you are this close!

Have to like your neighbors when you are this close!

Green Acres is the place to be!

After deciding that we needed to find a location with a little more “green space” between rigs, we headed out on the quest to find an open site at another RV park.  Not an easy feat in prime snowbird season.  The parks are pretty much booked.  With the Brocks in tow, we headed towards the Gulf coast.  Having the Brocks along made it a fun day and we actually found a beautiful park to move to.  More on that in my next post as I believe bragging too early may result in a brush with Murphy’s Law.  But, I’m so excited that I have to share a little preview of our new “home.”  Best of all – no sand!!!  And a concrete patio!  I think I’ve died and gone to heaven!

Our next

Our next “home” in February

 Food is better when it’s not a chain restaurant!

All that searching made us hungry, so of course we had to find someplace to eat.  While heading down the road we passed Crackers and noted there were lots of cars in the parking lot.  Lots of cars usually means good food.  The cars didn’t let us down.  The food was delicious and plentiful.  Being the great sunny day that it was, we decided to eat on the deck where we were treated to the antics of the squirrels trying to get a few tidbits for themselves. 

Good Food! Better view!

Good Food! Better view!

View from Crackers outdoor dining deck.

View from Crackers outdoor dining deck.

Didn't know squirrels liked seafood.

Didn’t know squirrels liked seafood.

The show of shows when it comes to RVs.

Last week was the Tampa RV Supershow and super doesn’t do it justice.  It’s huge!  It’s held at the Florida State Fairgrounds.  The show is so big that when you buy a ticket it’s good for 2 days!!  We were naive enough to think we could do it in one day.  So wrong!  We aren’t looking to buy a new rig since we love what we have, but there is so much to see, and so many deals being offered by RV parks and suppliers that we had to come back.  We collected enough offers to get a couple months of low cost or free camping.  Can’t wait to try out all these new parks.

Tampa Supershow here we come!

Tampa Supershow here we come!

Full-timers like puzzles. Final thought for now.  I like puzzles.  I used to think they were only for kids, but I have found lots of RVers like to do them.  Guess we are all kids at heart.  Why else would we choose this lifestyle?

500 pieces and 3 weeks!

500 pieces and 3 weeks!

Goodbye 2013! Hello 2014!

One of the best New Years Eves ever!  Our friend Ben Brock hooked us up with a fisherman who sold us fresh shrimp right off the boat.   So we spend the afternoon having a shrimp boil.  Ben is a Mississippi boy who ended up in Texas.  He and his wife Betsy sure know how to cook.  They introduced us to southern style cornbread stuffing on Christmas and now a real shrimp boil!  Delicious!

 The shrimp were huge and only $6 a pound for the “small” ones and $8 a pound for the “large” ones.  Large is the wrong word – there were gigantic!  You don’t know how great shrimp is until you get it like this.  After pulling off the heads we skewered the largest ones, threw them on the grill and basted them with a wonderful lime, white wine, butter concoction that Betsy made.   She also made a great layered salad.  I made spinach dip and a veggie plate.

 We ate until we were about to burst and still had leftovers so we can enjoy an encore dinner this week too.  It’s so much fun having friends that like to cook.  Many of our friends rather eat out, but I just love to share a meal and try new foods.  What a way to bring in the New Year!

Enjoying a Snow Free Christmas

Heading North for the Holidays!

Pulled out of Sunshine Key on December 1st heading north to Wildwood, FL.  The plan is to spend a couple December and most part of January at Wildwood KOA.  The Tampa RV Show is in the middle of January and Wildwood KOA is only an hour’s drive away and reasonably priced.

First stop is Alliance Coach for repairs.  We have an appointment there on December 2nd to fix our transfer switch so we can use our generator. We can’t boondock until we get it working.

After 3 hours, the conclusion is that the transfer switch is fine.  The problem is our generator only produces 30 amps, and the switch needs 50 amps to work.  Back to the drawing board to see what we can do to make it work.  I’m happy with this since I do not enjoy lying over in truck stops or parking lots.  I prefer a campground.  With our Passport America membership it’s not all that costly and I feel so much safer.  Still there may be times we will want to boondock someplace like a national park or wildlife refuge so we will need to get it working sometime.  Right now I’m just happy that I don’t have to pay for repairs!

The techs at Alliance were great and didn’t charge us for the diagnosis, but since we needed to replace the gaskets around our slideouts, we decided to buy them while we were there.  That was the least we could do after they treated us so nice. By 3 pm we were all parked, set up, and ready to relax.

Wildwood KOA site 57

More New Friends!

There are several members of the Holiday Rambler RV Club (HRRVC) that are planning on staying in or around Wildwood.  Some arrived this month and we made new friends.  Our neighbors are Ben and Betsy Brock on a site next to ours.  Such great people to have as neighbors.  We have learned so much about full-timing from them.  They have been doing it for years and are a wealth of information.

Our neighbors on the other are Art and Kathy Conway.  Full-timers too, who are willing to share their experiences.  Art is especially good at fixing problems that crop up in an RV.  That is the best part of this lifestyle.  Everyone you meet has a talent and most are more than willing to share their experience.  Ben’s ladder broke so Art and Ralph came to his rescue.

Art Conway, Ralph, and Ben Brock fixing Ben's coach

Art Conway, Ralph, and Ben Brock fixing Ben’s coach

Giszmo is now fast friends with Ben Brock.

Giszmo is now fast friends with Ben Brock.

Getting in the Holiday Spirit with Good Food and Friends!

Decorating around the camper with palm fronds and lobster buoy painted like a snowman.

Decorating around the camper with palm fronds and lobster buoy painted like a snowman.

We bought a small table top tree and decorated it with some plastic ornaments and bows.  I had some quilt fabric in red that I put around the base then placed a few small

We bought a small table top tree and decorated it with some plastic ornaments and bows. I had some quilt fabric in red that I put around the base then placed a few small “toys” to make it more festive.

This is the first time our family hasn’t been together at Christmas.  It feels very strange.  We did a little decorating inside and out so it felt more like Christmas.  Even string lights around the front of our camper. We celebrated with our new friends by roasting a prime rib for Christmas Eve, attending a pot-luck on Christmas Day, and then cooking a turkey the Friday after Christmas.  The trailer smells wonderful.  The aroma of fresh baked cookies and roast turkey still lingers.  Today I made turkey soup from the carcass for dinner tomorrow.

This is a tradition for me.  Turkey soup is my favorite, and I love it with very fine noodles.  I didn’t bring any with me so out to the store we go.  There are only two grocery stores in Wildwood, Save-A-Lot and Winn Dixie, and neither had the fine noodles that I like.  Best I could do was medium noodles.  There wasn’t even a spot on the shelf for fine noodles!  Regional idiosyncrasies I guess, but it won’t be the same – at least to me.

As this year comes to an end, we are looking forward to 2014 and already investigating new places to visit.  Do we go back to the Keys in fall or head west to Albuquerque for the Balloon Fest?  Tough decision, but have learned that no matter where you end up, it’s the right place to be!

Happy New Year Everyone!  See you in 2014.

Gizmo peeking out from under my Christmas quilt.

Gizmo peeking out from under my Christmas quilt.

Beached Boats to Sunsets. November at Ohio Key

This has really been an entertaining month.  Started off with one of the big racing boats beaching at our RV park beach when it blew a hatch and almost sunk.  Really exciting watching them lift it out of the water with a crane.  The boat belonged to a former NY Giant football player named Brad Benson who played in the XXI Superbowl.  Not only might he have lost a $2 million dollar boat, he very well could have lost his life!  Was a beautiful boat with a great crew.  If you could see how tight the spot was you’d be amazed they were able to get it on to a trailer to haul it out.

That's a lot of $$ hanging there!

That’s a lot of $$ hanging there!

Dolphin Research Center

Our next adventure.  And a big thank you to them for admitting veterans and their families for free on Veterans’ Day.  If you ever have a chance to visit I suggest buying a membership.  It’s cheaper than paying admission and you can visit multiple times.

Nov in Sunshine Key 042

Thursday Craft Classes

Each Thursday I go to the Kamper Klubhouse and do a little crafting with other like-minded campers.  Our instructor Jackie is not only fun, but a good teacher lets us use our imaginations.  We are a really creative bunch!

Nov in Sunshine Key 076 Nov in Sunshine Key 030

Back to Key West

Of course we had to make a couple of trips back down to Key West to catch a few places of interest we hadn’t been to earlier because of the crowds for Fantasy Fest and the boat races.  When your mode of travel is a huge dual wheel truck you have to plan ahead or you can’t find parking.  We don’t fit everywhere!

First we went to the Eco Center where we learned about invasive species like the iguana and lion fish.  When you learn of the damage, you wonder why people are allowed to have iguanas as pets.  They are a real nuisance here.  They are all over by our pool and have even fallen out of trees onto the lounge chairs and jumped in the pool (want to see how fast a senior citizen can swim!).

Also, spent time at the Custom House museum.  I found that fascinating, hubby not so much.  I loved the drawings telling the story of the Old Man and the Sea in pictures and the artifacts from  the Florida East Coast Railway built by Henry Flagler.  I never realized that at the turn of the century (1905 to be exact), Key West was the richest city in the country and you could only get there by boat.  The bridges Flagler built for his railroad still stand, but aren’t used anymore except for parts that are open to walk or fish on.  It was one of the wonders of the world.  When the railway went bankrupt they turned the tracks into a highway.

Thanksgiving Day

Today is Thanksgiving and the staff here at Sunshine Key threw a dinner for campers.  The food was great.  Hot and homemade!  Great Job considering they were feeding 160 people and are not trained caterers!  So our time here is ending as we head to central Florida for our next adventure.  So I will close with what I enjoy here every night – a beautiful sunset!

Another beautiful sunset.

Another beautiful sunset.